It's Time To Make HERstory!

Badass women, just like you, are out there making history! Or, as the ladies over here at Biz Babez like to call it: HERstory.  Female influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners are increasing on the daily. But physical work spaces and work cultures aren’t keeping pace with this new generation of working women. We continue to expect women to chameleon their way into workplaces, work mindsets, and work cultures that are inherently patriarchal.

That. Ends. Here.



Welcome To the Matriarchy!


Biz Babez is on a mission to create a physical space and a community of biz babez created by women for women. We don’t just take women seriously, we think female first and female forward. That’s why in addition to our co-work space, we’ve launched Bizzy.


Redefining Bizzy!

Alright ladies, now let's get in formation! Bizzy is a call-to-community for females making herstory. Our midweek motivational meet-ups are designed to help us celebrate our victories and breakthrough mindsets that are holding us back. They’re like a big hug, wrapped in a high-five, chased with a motivational pep talk, and capped with inspiring networking. We leave with a feeling that we can really, actually do this! Because we can!

MAY BIZZY - Biz Basics: Legal & Finance 101 For the Modern Day Biz Babe

Intimidated by legal jargon? Does tax season make you break out in hives? Perplexed by the difference between your 401K and IRA? What's that, wondering how the heck you can ever set up a 401K? Don't worry! We got you, Boo! This month we're getting down to the basics and breaking down how to run (or outsource) your legal, accounting, and financial needs like a total boss!

Wednesday, May 16: Accounting & Business Finances 101

Wednesday, May 23: Personal Financing, Investing, and Retirement Funds 101

Wednesday, May 30: Corporate Governance and Legal Matters 101

Each week we’re hosting a different guest expert! We’ll learn some of the basics, then we’ll exercise our CEO muscles with some group coaching and exercises. The goal for the month is to get a handle on the administrative side of your business so you can keep delivering a kick butt product and service!

Tickets include:

  • Three Bizzy Wednesdays for that month

  • No-cost self-care techniques you can add to your routine

  • Pep Talks from female leaders who are crushing their business goals

  • Group coaching from our resident self-care expert and life coach

  • Delicious lunch

  • Full-day access to Biz Babez every Wednesday of that month

10 AM - 1 PM : Programming, 1 PM - 6 PM: Werk ,werk, werk! (optional)

You Got This, Sister!



Dani, Taryn, & Kasey