Midweek Motivational Meet-ups (May 2018)

Midweek Motivational Meet-ups (May 2018)


Biz Bascis - Legal & Finance 101 For the Modern Day Biz Babe

Intimidated by legal jargon? Does tax season make you break out in hives? Perplexed by the difference between your 401K and IRA? What's that, wondering how the heck you can ever set up a 401K? Don't worry! We got you, Boo! This month we're getting down to the basics and breaking down how to run (or outsource) your legal, accounting, and financial needs like a total boss!

Wednesday, May 16: Accounting & Business Finances 101

Wednesday, May 23: Personal Financing, Investing, and Retirement Funds 101

Wednesday, May 30: Corporate Governance and Legal Matters 101

Each week we’re hosting a different guest expert! We’ll learn some of the basics, then we’ll exercise our CEO muscles with some group coaching and exercises. The goal for the month is to get a handle on the administrative side of your business so you can keep delivering a kick butt product and service!